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Italian Bliss

Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, I was in Italy less than 24 hours ago, I’m in Germany now, and in 4 days, I’ll be in London.


I am NEVER going to get used to this. Absolutely incredible. Every day there is a moment that I have to stop to take everything in.

For Florence, it was this:

Ponte Vecchio


I was absolutely astounded. We only spent about 20 hours in Florence, but we managed to see most of the biggies (The David was too long of a wait and the Academia was going to close) in daylight. It was amazing, but it was Verona that really floored me.

Verona is a perfectly picturesque town. Each building is incredibly ornate and different; I wish I could have taken a picture of each. It was exactly as I think of European towns. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous.

Picturesque Verona

There’s really only one word that can describe our day in Verona for me: Serendipitous.

We would be wandering the city looking for, say, Romeo’s house, think we were lost, and then we would turn around, and there was a plaque on the wall behind us calling that house Romeo’s. And when we wanted a place to pass time before dinner and have a little wine and cheese, we would just turn around and there was the cutest one right behind us. And that is how the entire time went. One thing after another.


It was an absolutely brilliant girls’ weekend. The four of us, in Italy, seeing the sights and eating incredible food. Makes me grimace at having to eat dinner back at Burgfreiheit again tonight.

And then the train ride back, we went through the Alps, and, wow. just wow. There are no words. So I’ll give you a picture:

The Austrian Alps


And we went past that for hours. and hours. and hours.

I couldn’t sleep, so I just turned on some good T-Swifty and sat in awe of my life.


This seriously is all unreal.

We even happened upon an anchor in Verona on our way to the train station:

DG loving in Verona


Life is too good. God is too good.


Also, got an A on my first German quiz. Best grade in the class.

Yep. Stoked.




  1. Mommy says:

    Yep, your life is pretty amazing.
    Of course it was that last part that made my day! Keep up the good work!! <3

  2. Daddy says:

    It is because God is so good that our lives are amazing! He gives us grace and then blesses us.

    I am so glad that you are enjoying these experiences. You are incredible!

    JMar TV soon…

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