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Well, it’s been a while since I have written much of anything. These past two months have been an absolute blur. I’ve been able to do so many incredible things that I fear I have been always living for the next adventure. Granted, I have been thoroughly enjoying every second of it, but I don’t know if I have made the most of every moment. I feel like I’m constantly planning the next trip, trying to get the cheapest tickets, thinking of where to go next. It’s great and incredible, but I need to just enjoy each moment for what it is.

Buenos Aires.

I’ve been here for ten days now, and I think I’ve begun to appreciate the little things.

It’s like this: Right now, I’m sitting in a quaint little coffee shop, sipping an espresso, watching all the people walking by. Students just getting out of class for the day. Mothers grabbing their child by the hand and swinging them over the big puddles. Dog-walkers with up to 20 dogs tethered together trotting through the autumn leaves.

This is an incredible city.

Of course, it’s a huge city, but there are little joys in a big city as well.

Take for example the thousands of tiny cafes, there’s no way that I can ever try them all. In the same way, there are thousands of things that I want to do while I’m here, but there’s no way I will be able to do them all. Therefore, I just have to do what I can and appreciate this time for all that I can make it. I’ve decided that I’m not going to run myself ragged trying to do it all, but I’m also not going to waste time with things that I can do at home, like watching TV or sitting on my computer. It’s time for me to appreciate where I am, both physically and mentally, for what it is and not anything less or more.

So here’s to taking opportunities, going on adventures, sharing stories, and making the most of every second of every day.

Ciao ciao

besos xo


First off. I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I have posted an update about how I am doing over here in Germany. And London. And Copenhagen. And Madrid. Rome. Naples. Capri. Istanbul. Amsterdam…Yep, I think that just about covers it.

It’s been absolutely crazy. It’s always go go go and there’s never time to slow down. Until I got tonsillitis and was forced to sit in bed for over a week. But as soon as I could get out again, I was back on the road, traveling three days and then four days to unpack, figure out where I’m going the next weekend, catch up on homework, go to school, repack, and get back on a train/plane. It’s incredible.

Life is such a whirlwind. I only have three weeks left here. I cannot even begin to fathom all the incredible opportunities and experiences I have had over the past three and a half months. And I’ve still got a whole three weeks to enjoy living in Heidelberg.

It’s the last travel weekend, but I’m staying in Heidelberg. Sure, I might have had no other choice because I lost my passport and have to get an emergency one before I can get back to the States, but I’m so glad to be in Heidelberg.

The sun is out. The Neckar looks gorgeous. I’m in shorts. Life really couldn’t get better.

I’m hopefully going to catch up on all my adventures on here for anyone who still reads this, on the incredible places I have been and how I have been doing.

But right now, I’m going to grab my German book, a liter of Vetter’s, and go sit on the grass on the other side of the Neckar and just enjoy life. Enjoy where I am right now. Enjoy the present and living in this little town that has stolen my heart.

What I'll be doing the rest of today.


Love you all. Ich liebe euch. Tschüssies. xo

Most people get flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s day.


What did I get?



Gotta love Valentine’s.

It has always been a dream of mine to go to London. Last weekend, I finally made it.
It was amazing.

I’m gonna update this post more later, because I’m actually in Copenhagen right now, slightly freezing my butt off. But again, having the time of my life. Traveling with just two other girls and five guys is a nice change from these past two girls’ weekends, but it is definitely going to be an adventure.

Well, I was in Italy less than 24 hours ago, I’m in Germany now, and in 4 days, I’ll be in London.


I am NEVER going to get used to this. Absolutely incredible. Every day there is a moment that I have to stop to take everything in.

For Florence, it was this:

Ponte Vecchio


I was absolutely astounded. We only spent about 20 hours in Florence, but we managed to see most of the biggies (The David was too long of a wait and the Academia was going to close) in daylight. It was amazing, but it was Verona that really floored me.

Verona is a perfectly picturesque town. Each building is incredibly ornate and different; I wish I could have taken a picture of each. It was exactly as I think of European towns. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous.

Picturesque Verona

There’s really only one word that can describe our day in Verona for me: Serendipitous.

We would be wandering the city looking for, say, Romeo’s house, think we were lost, and then we would turn around, and there was a plaque on the wall behind us calling that house Romeo’s. And when we wanted a place to pass time before dinner and have a little wine and cheese, we would just turn around and there was the cutest one right behind us. And that is how the entire time went. One thing after another.


It was an absolutely brilliant girls’ weekend. The four of us, in Italy, seeing the sights and eating incredible food. Makes me grimace at having to eat dinner back at Burgfreiheit again tonight.

And then the train ride back, we went through the Alps, and, wow. just wow. There are no words. So I’ll give you a picture:

The Austrian Alps


And we went past that for hours. and hours. and hours.

I couldn’t sleep, so I just turned on some good T-Swifty and sat in awe of my life.


This seriously is all unreal.

We even happened upon an anchor in Verona on our way to the train station:

DG loving in Verona


Life is too good. God is too good.


Also, got an A on my first German quiz. Best grade in the class.

Yep. Stoked.



it was quite the adventure this weekend.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Well, Katharine and Tyler Allen had heard about this ice church in Bavaria that we wanted to go see. It’s only up once every hundred years.

We got on a train, got kicked off that train, took five hours on other local trains and found our way to a little town called Passau.


But of course by the time we got there, we couldn’t get to the even smaller town of Mitbovonerineoiasdjnfkaskjdfa where the ice church was. So we explored the town a little, after struggling to find somewhere to spend the night.

We found seesaws!

We got a nice light dinner of cheese, salami, bread and a little wine, and decided to go out.

Definitely ended out being quite the adventure, and we couldn’t even find a way to get the 50 kilometers to the ice church the next day.

But we made some great friends on the train…

Yep. This explains it all.

Nonetheless. quite the weekend. PASSAU!

I always forget how much I enjoy being alone. It’s hard to even get a minute to yourself when you have 40 people living in one house.

I just got back from wandering around Heidelberg for an hour and a half. I’m beginning to become obsessed with this town. Actually, I’m ALREADY obsessed. There’s always a ton of people briskly walking down the Haupestrauße. There were a couple people with guitars or accordions serenading those walking by. Pastry shops and little cafes dot the sidewalk. It’s amazing. I legitimately felt like a German version of Belle.

“Little town / It’s a quiet village / Ev’ry day / Like the one before / Little town / Full of little people / Waking up to say” … GUTEN TAG!

Except they wouldn’t because I learned today that German people don’t like conversation. Or talking about themselves. Or really talking a lot in general. Or at least that is true of most people over 40.

I can’t wait to do more exploring sans other Americans.


As I was reading in my Bible tonight, I found this in 2 Corinthians 4:9 and was hit (yet again) with how present God has been for me throughout this.

So whether we are at home or away, we must make it our aim to please Him.

It just reiterated that my purpose here is not just to travel and have fun and meet people and see the town and do my schoolwork … it’s to glorify God.

Just a little thought I wanted to share.


Yep. I live here.

The sun peeked out for a bit while Katharine and I went to visit the Schloss. God DOES love me 😉

This is so so surreal.

I don’t think it has really hit me.

I finally got to go visit the Heidelberg Schloss (which is a five minute walk from Moore Haus) a couple of days ago. It was gorgeous, and the sun even made a nice little appearance.

The group here is great, really welcoming. I’ve really gotten to know Katharine, who is the other girl spring student. She’s from USC but her dad teaches at Pepperdine, so she got to come.

The food is mediocre, I’ve had a couple good meals, but between the somewhat decent food and the hill hiking, I definitely won’t have to worry about gaining weight.

German class is going pretty well. I feel like I have no idea what is going on, but Frau Dursy seems to be pretty patient with our class of six people. We learned to spell our names using the German alphabet … I think I spelled mine vornamen and nachnamen (first and last names) about twenty times. I definitely won’t have any problems asking someone for their name! They also pronounce the “e”‘s at the end of a word, so that’s going to take some getting used to. I’m excited to learn more and more though, it’s actually pretty interesting.

I think we are trying to plan a day trip to a castle this weekend. It’s a no travel weekend, but we can travel within Germany, so we’ll see where I end up.

I’ll do my best to keep this updated, but it’s hard. I’m still trying to get completely on the right sleeping schedule. Jet lag is still doing work on me.

Gute Nacht meine Freunde!


So I’m here. Jetlagged and starving at the most random times, but I’m here and I couldn’t be happier.

Moore Haus is amazing, such a nice, cozy place to live, especially when it’s so cold out. I’m living in a room with two other girls with a slanted roof. very cozy. It’s already feeling like home.

Yep, that’s taken from the road right out front, too. So it’s quite the hike up to home. And that’s not counting the huge hill before you even get here. Looks like I won’t be missing out on “Stepperdine” too much. The nice thing is that it keeps you in shape.

Moore Haus - The perfect not-so-little, cozy German house

I’m absolutely falling in love with the quaint little town of Heidelberg. I’m going down today to take some pictures of the Haupstrauss (main street) and the old bridge and the Neckar river and the Schloss and the buildings and the view from Moore Haus … I just really love the town. It has such a feel to it, similar to the town in Beauty and the Beast, except not animated.

The cold hasn’t been too bad thus far. It’s rained and hailed, but no snow, and hey, I’m still alive. I haven’t gotten unbearably cold yet, but they say this is mild weather, so we’ll have to see if this continues.

We basically have the weekend free, so I am gonna do a little exploring and start to try to catch up on sleep. Classes start Monday, although we already had our orientation and a first day of every class. Shouldn’t be too hard this semester, but the biggest challenge will be balancing the school work with traveling and enjoying Europe.

But I am incredibly happy and feeling insanely blessed to have this opportunity to be here. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do through me and in me these next three and a half months!